Mini Raiders (Grades 3-6)

The Mini Raiders Program is tailored for students in grades 3-6, providing them with an opportunity to enhance their school sports skills and prepare for the transition to junior high sports teams. The program is divided into two 7-week sessions: Volleyball & Badminton in the first session and Basketball & Floor Hockey in the second session.

By offering a diverse range of sports in both sessions, the Mini Raiders Program aims not only to improve specific athletic abilities but also to instill a love for sportsmanship and physical activity. The sessions provide a solid framework for participants to develop their skills and boost their confidence.

Junior High Sports

Although smaller class sizes enhance personalized learning, it can be challenging to form sports teams. In the years when we do not have enough students to form our own Carbon Raiders teams, we collaborate with Dr. Elliott (Linden School) to create a team. This approach not only promotes teamwork and strengthens bonds with the children before they all attend high school together in Acme, but also ensures that every student has the opportunity to participate in sports, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience.

Track & Field

We begin preparing for track and field at the beginning of May, hosting the event at the end of the May. Following this, the top-ranked students have the chance to advance to zones in June.