Junior High Awards

Academic Awards

Core Subject Awards: Core subject awards recognize students who demonstrate high academic achievement as well as leadership and interest in the subject area. These individuals are engaged in class, enthusiastic about the material, and strive to learn more.

  • Language Arts Grade 7 Award
  • Language Arts Grade 8 Award
  • Language Arts Grade 9 Award
  • Math Grade 7 Award
  • Math Grade 8 Award
  • Math Grade 9 Award
  • Science Grade 7/8 Award
  • Science Grade 9 Award
  • Social Grade 7/8 Award
  • Social Grade 9 Award

Honor Roll: To receive an Academic Honor Certificate, students must achieve a combined average of at least 80 percent in language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.

  • Honor Roll Grade 7/8 Award
  • Honor Roll Grade 9 Award

Athletic Awards

Most Improved Player (MIP): Awarded to the student-athlete who shows improvement throughout the track and field season, which can be portrayed in a variety of ways. This can include an increase in skill level throughout the season or a sincere effort to learn and grow.

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Awarded to the student-athlete who is a valuable player in track and field. The recipient is not necessarily the highest-skilled player; however, their contributions and dedication throughout track and field are recognized.

Our award ceremony takes place every year in June, on the same day as our Grade 9 grad.