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FREE Parent Information Night - Developing Adaptiveness and Competence in Children and Youth |

FREE Parent Information Night - Developing Adaptiveness and Competence in Children and Youth

Parenting Information Session
(Developing Adaptiveness and Competence in Children and Youth)

MONDAY March 9th, 2020 (6:00pm to 8:00pm)
Drumheller Valley Secondary School
Theatre (450 17th Street E, Drumheller, AB)

Over-Parenting and Letting Children/Youth Fail to Succeed

Raising healthy, happy children is the goal of parents, and yet it seems like the world in which children are growing up is more dangerous and unpredictable than ever. As a result, parents are hesitant to give children opportunities to practice adaptive decision-making and coping skills needed to develop competence, confidence, and self-control. Even though children are safer than ever before in history, some best-intentioned parents and professionals are ‘bubblewrapping’ children, leading to a generation of anxious, entitled, and overprotected youth. This session will introduce parents to evidence and practice that encourages parents in providing; and encouraging children with opportunities for failure, for independent play and exploration, and for responsible risk-taking.

PRESENTER: Dr. Kelly Dean Schwartz is Associate Professor in the School and Applied Child Psychology program and Director, U of C Applied Psychological and Educational Services (U-CAPES), an on-campus clinic serving children and families in Calgary and area. He has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and an MSc in Educational Psychology from the University of Calgary. As a registered psychologist (1993), he began his career with a Calgary school board and worked extensively with children and adolescents who had severe learning and/or social/emotional needs. Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Schwartz was on faculty at Ambrose University College for over 12 years where he served as Program Head of Behavioural Science.

Dr. Schwartz is active in the fields of child and adolescent development, family and parent-child relationships, and international child development. Dr. Schwartz founded FamilyWise in response to the need of Canadian families for responsible research and education related to positive human development and family studies. FamilyWise provides educational material, access to current research, and practical resources to children and families in Canada.